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Tidal Waves

Posted by Sara Adeline Mazzolini on April 3, 2013 at 1:35 PM

Tidal Waves

Migrant words wander on the soft surface of the page

Birds in flight flicker in the fleeting light of time

Echoes of the past surge from the dark

Your eyelash trembles in a flurry of feather

Migrant birds hover over the frozen river

Music birds stranded on the shore

twitter in a chorus of voices

Lovers hover on the edge of the waterfall

Transient passengers of time in a fleeting dream

flicker in the shimmering light in the stream of night

Spellbound visitors listen to the song of forbidden pleasure

I saw the soulslider soar to the sky and fly high

Swimmers leap ashore and gaze at the lost daydreamer

Dive in deep dream and plunge in engulfing sleep

Strollers follow the tidal river flowing to the sea

The glitter of broken glass shimmers in daylight

The river smooth silk shimmers in ribbons of light

Your wavy hair unfurls in the flow of night

Follow the curving road leading to the sky

The tidal waves of time rise high as sunset slowly falls

I bask in the sun of exhilarating grace

The fallen angel swims in the lake of fire

Vestigial lovers fade in twilight

Lovers dive in sloe eyes of night

The lissom girl listens to the listful bird

Dreamers muse on the enigma of time

The seaborn girl swims in waves of pleasure

Seagulls swirl on the edge of the endless ocean

The river of time is slowly unwinding

Bury the sun deep in the sea

On the edge of time stare into space

See strange birds slide in the sky

Stare at the sun flying high

The sun cast long shadows of time

Blurry figures tremble on the edge of vision

The silver-speckled night shimmers in the sky

The migrant bird propelled by the wind

twitters among flickering shadows

Lights motes elude the grasp of time

Nobody can stop the sun wheel travel in the sky

Nobody can stop the urgency of time

Nobody can rise higher than the sun in the sky

Nobody can face the emergency of flight

The angel stares at the fallen grace of time

Strollers stare at the sacred shrine hidden in the forest

Nobody can stop the firewheel burning in the sky

Nobody can catch thunderbirds flying in the wind

Nobody can stem the tidal waves curving in the sky

The lost dreamer falls into slumber and slides into listlessness

Transient birds play with the wave weaver of time

Sea curves rise high and sunset falls slowly

Tidal waves ebb and flow as the moon waxes and wanes

Lovers waver on the verge of falling grace

Dawn-walkers rise on the slope of wakefulness

Stealthily robbers of time grasp my life away from me

Tidal waves ebb and flow as the song slowly falls

Hold your breath and hide in the dark of night

Stand on the cliff and stare at swimmers' high dive

Night riders are robbers of my dreams

Dark figures flicker on the edge of reason


Sara Adeline Mazzolini, copyright 12/03/2013


















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