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Silk Blossom

Posted by Sara Adeline Mazzolini on August 23, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Silk Blossom


Enter the Dreams of Poppies

Cast a magic spell to sleep well!

Solve the sea riddles

Drown in the mirror ripples


Sara's Glow is an angel's halo!

Sara 's Halo comes from above, not below!

Sara's Pure Light flies on an angel's wings!

Sara's Pristine Light flows heavenward!


Sweetly fall into sleep

Enjoy the dream of poppy

It will soothe all your worry away

Don't wake up every day!


Pristine Light floats heavenward

Pure light flies on an angel's wings

Heavenly grace from outer space

Weave Silk Flowers of Dreams


Sara's dreams are woven in light

Sara drowns in ripples of delight

Silk Flowers are drawn by magic

How can they be so fantastic!


Sara's Flowers entwine in the arms of sleep

Sara's Sea of Delight is now so deep

She will drown in the Ocean of Delight

Let her fall prey to the Queen of Might


The Stained Glass Window is a splendid Rainbow

The Flower of Life is riddled with Light

Sara muses on the wheel of Might!

In the mirror lake she drowns all her sorrow


Sara's Flower is as soft as silk

She muses on the mirror of life

Her skin is as pure as milk

She knows the fruit of time is rife


Sara's dreams are woven in silk

Sara drinks immaculate milk

She soars to the blue sky

Her delight rises so high




Sara's dreams are woven in light

Sara drowns in ripples of delight

Sara's Silk Bloom won't fade so soon

Her dreams loom high in the moon


Silk Flowers are drawn in light

Light Bloom woven in dreams

Mirror of light that streams

to the sea of delight


Light Bloom woven in Delight

My love, hold me so tight!

Sara's dreams are now in Bloom

She drowns in the mirror of doom


Sara is adorned with the Flower of Delight

Sara's bright light is resplendent in might

Sara is sunbasking in the mirror of Light

In the mirror ripples she drowns out of sight


The flower of dreams won't fade so soon

Sara's bloom outshines the sun

She has never had so much fun!

Sky Blossom shines brighter than the moon


Sara is now in bloom

She won't fade so soon

She dreams of the moon

Her future will loom

in the sea of doom


The Wheel of Life turns so fast

The Flower of the moment won't last

The Faded Blossom of the Past

can't be destroyed in a blast


I meet the Ice Maiden on the verge of a disappearing lake 

Branches are bending to catch lightmotes

rippling and playing on the water surface

I dare trespass on your premisses! Beware and Stare!


Adorn your hair with silk blossom

and you'll never be lonesome

Life can be so tiresome

but dreams are lithe, nimble and lissom!





I lose the girl in the whirl of a distorted lake 

She mirrors herself to death

and tangles her flesh

into her obverse image


I lose myself in a snow landscape 

I notice Blood Drops of Ice

Blood Ice is not such a common dream

I flee from her maze of tangled veins

I'll never see the Ice Maiden again


I stare at solar flare

My face outshines the sun

Dreams of the New World stun

The transient passenger of time

Stare at sun flare! Beware!

Beware of your worst nightmare


Sara is the Muse of Dreams

Life is no longer what it seems

Silk Flowers woven in Light

are drawn with great Delight


Sara's Poppy Kiss now stains your lips

You're so amused the mirror of soul flips

to the other side where the new world opens

its way to the dream traveller


Beware! Your light is not so bright

You can lose your way at night

Your stunning eyes suddenly stare

at the sight of your worst nightmare!


The wheel of life turns back in time

Your night desire as black as mine

Light Blossom woven in silk

brightly adorns the skin of milk


Sky Blossom soars so high I wish I could fly

Mirror of Light, show me the way to shine so bright in the sky

Mirror of water, I wish to drown in your billow

My wishes rise so high I could die right now


Sun Blossom shines so bright

My life is woven in light

My desire is riddled with delight

My life is in full bloom

Tell your secrets to the moon


Blue Dream rises high in the sky Just tell me I can fly

Flower of Fire burns so bright in the sky of flight

I will follow the light to the sea of delight

Blue Iris of your eye dazzled at the glorious sight


Rainbow bloom has such a glow

the mirror ripples shine below

Flower of Flame shines so bright

I bask in the sun of delight!


Sara is the Muse of Sleep

Smell the scent of poppies

and drown in deep slumber

Never recover your wits again

Never regain the sight of your former life!


Sara's pristine light illumines her face

I like silk sheen and sunshine

The mirror is broken into smithereens

Your life is no longer what it seems ~



Sara Adeline Mazzolini, copyright 2013

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